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Welcome To Mitchelstown Fest

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The Proclaimers have been producing hits for longer then most people care to remember but it’s classics like “500 miles” and “letter from America” that they are best remembered. After a period of time off touring while recording a new album, the Proclaimers returned to high profile events in 2005 with a headline appearance at Live 8 in Edinburgh and an appearance at the Scottish Cup Final. After an amazing performance here in 2003 which saw upwards of 8,000 attend, the Proclaimers are back for what is sure to be an amazing nights entertainment!!

Saturday August 5th at 8pm |

The Sultans kicked off in Cork in the late 80’s and into the early 90’s. With electric frontman Niall O’Flaherty they were like nothing that had ever originated from the peoples republic before. They built a steady fan-base but it was with the “Casual Sex in the Cineplex” Album that catapulted the band to super stardom. Tracks like “Give him a ball”, “2 pints of rasa” and the incomparable “Where’s me jumper” are classics that will rock the square in Mitchelstown this summer.

Sunday August 6th at 2pm |

The Frank and Walters It all started in Cork!! The early 90’s saw Cork on the brink of a Seattle like explosion of music. In no small part this was down to bands like the Franks. Named after two eccentric old lads from up the road, the Franks have consistently recorded classic pop rock. Early tours saw them supported by the likes of Radiohead with roadie Noel Gallagher by their side. Fantastic tracks like “Colours”, “This is not a song”, “Fashion crisis hits New York”, “Walters Trip” and the sing along classic “After All” have made the Franks one of the best live acts around and it’ll all be on view in Mitchelstown this August!

Sunday August 6th at 8pm |

Having recently blown the Kaiser Chiefs of the stage in Germany, you might think the Chalets would be pretty content, coupled with a critically acclaimed album and something more then a mention at this years meteor awards, its been a damn fine year for the lads and lasses. But they just keep pushing forward, a nationwide tour, new material and world domination are all on the cards by the time they arrive in Mitchelstown to support their mates, the Frank & Walters. Sounds like a cracking gig already!!

Sunday August 6th at 8pm

Roesy – Through his career he has shared the stage with Bert Jansch, Ron Sexsmith, Paul Brady, Billy Bragg, John Martyn, Davy Spillane, Donovan, Shane MacGowan, plus celebrated Irish author Paul Durcan.

Roesy appeared in the first Other Voices TV series on RTE. He was nominated for Best New Irish Act in the 2004 Meteor Music Awards and voted no.8 in the Trad/Folk section of the Annual Hot Press Awards 2005. His song ‘Potosi Mine’ was included in the ‘Diamond Mountain Session Presents’ compilation CD, also featuring Sinead O’Connor, Steve Earle, Natalie Merchant and Sharon Shannon.

Roesy has been receiving radio airplay throughout Ireland, having done sessions and interviews on all key Today FM shows including the Meteor Award winning Ray D’arcy Show, Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show, Tom Dunne’s Pet Sounds (featuring twice as Artist of the Week) and RTE 1 shows Pat Kenny, John Creedon and RattleBag.

Saturday August 5th at 8pm

Hybrasil have without a doubt one of the most energetic live performances around. After a UK tour and Irish support slots to The Frank & Walters, the lads are prepping their debut album and all this after being named as one of the best acts at the 2005 HWCH gigs in Dublin. Hybrasil are a live act not to be missed!

Sunday August 6th at 2pm

Fair Verona are an all girl punk band, yes, you heard me right and a damn good one at that. A packed EP launch in Crawdaddy at the end of 2005 followed dates in states where their energetic live performances drew rave reviews. Described by hotpress magazine a band on the brink of the big time. Fair Verona are sure to rock the place when they play support to the Sultans on Sunday August 6th at 2pm

Sunday August 6th at 2pm

Eve of Mind have been regular performers at Cork Rocks events over the past year and if you listen to Cork Rocks founder Francesca Brown (and plenty people do!) they have the potential to cause a Cork based musical revolution. With new material in the pipeline and rave reviews for their live shows they are sure to get the crowd right into the vibe early as they support the Sultans on Sunday

Sunday August 6th at 2pm

The Vital Spark
Support slots to the Sultans at their Christmas gigs in Cork moved The Vital Spark to a whole new level. All from Mitchelstown, they are getting to play that “Home town gig” pretty early in their careers. The lads have a new age punk vibe that will fit the bill perfectly on a line-up of rocking acts but get there early because the lads are up first and they don’t hang about!!

Sunday August 6th at 2pm

The Iron Jelloids
Regular gigs around Cork and regular airplay on Red FM have seen the Jelloids fan-base grow rapidly. With an EP launch in April behind them, their fan numbers are sure to grow. The Iron Jelloids have a folk rock sound that will act as the perfect foil for the Proclaimers on Saturday August 5th in Mitchelstown.

Saturday August 5th

Lotus Lullaby aren’t just a good live band, they are a great live band. This has been proved by recent awards and by the growing number of fans rocking out at their gigs around Cork. A definite band for the future and the perfect kick off to Sunday nights festivities on August 6th

Sunday August 6th at 8pm

The Loaded Kings have played to thousands of people, they have a new EP in the pipeline, they are being touted as the next big thing, they have blown more experienced bands off the stage wherever they have played… and oh yea, the drummer’s twelve! With ages of 12,16,16 and 18, the kings might be young but they play like they’ve been here for years and they Rock. Catch the kings on Saturday afternoon August 5th at 3pm

Saturday August 5th at 3pm

The Frets Up and coming group of rock lovin kids. They’ve only been together a short while but have already won battle of bands competitions in the local area, not yet out of school, the frets are an act for the future. See the frets play support to the loaded kings on Saturday August 5th at 2pm

Saturday August 5th at 2pm

Loudest Whisper Having been inducted into the Kilkenny Music Hall of fame recently, Brian O’Reilly and his Loudest Whisper bandmates have had a busy year. A new album and regular gigging see’s them constantly on the go. Natives of Fermoy in Co. Cork, they are sure to have a large following when they bring the Festival to a close on Monday August 7th

Monday August 7th at 2pm

Murphy Lane Started out by messers Murphy and Lane not so long ago, things have just gone from strength to strength for “Murphy Lane”. With dates in Dublins Vicar street lined up and a strings section added, the future looks bright for this talented bunch of musicians. See Murphy Lane when they perform in Mitchelstown on Monday August 7th at 2pm.

Monday August 7th at 2pm

Y23 – Y23 are an up and coming alternative rock band with an edge. Fronted by former Six member and RTE presenter Emma O’Driscoll, they have a fresh new sound that is sure to entertain on Saturday afternoon of the August bank holiday in Mitchelstown. Y23’s sound is a far cry from the pop sound Six and anybody who see’s them on the day is sure to enjoy it!!

Saturday August 5th at 2pm

The Hollowtones – The Hollowtones have a unique sound, mixing folk with rock and changing between male and female vocals, they are hard to pin into any specific genre. Having just released their debut album with some success, they are currently gigging regularly and perfecting the exceelent live show that can be seen on the final day of this years festival.

Monday August 7th at 2pm

MindRiot feat. Scooby – MindRiot have been around in one form or another for a number of years. After experimenting with more commercial sounds in recent times, they have reverted back to a heavier rock sound.. and it works.. With their first music video recently under their belt, some great reviews from their recent live performances and the addition for this show of Oxegen bound Scooby on the decks, MindRiot are sure to get the crowd bouncing when they support the Sultans of Ping

Sunday August 6th at 2pm

Quality Driveways Dublin

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Quality Driveways Dublin offer first-class Driveways Dublin Services.

You might dread pulling up to your driveway when you have unsightly cracks, potholes and an odd tilt to the surface. There are some problems that can be repaired, but at some point, you have to get realistic about investing in a new driveway. Replacing driveways in Dublin can be costly, which is all the more reason to make sure you hire the right contractor for the job. Below are a few of the important considerations to make when it comes to seeking the right professional. Ask plenty of questions and you should end up with the driveway specialist that you are comfortable with and can do the work affordably.

Do you really need a new driveway? Driveways Dublin

The cost of replacing a driveway has many homeowners putting this chore off until there is no other choice in the matter. There are times that cracks can be filled and potholes repaired, but each time new cracks appear, the surface is made weaker. A good contractor will take the time to explain and show you the areas of the driveway that necessitate replacement if that is what has been determined as the best option. A few good reasons to replace the driveway can be:

  • Older spots of repair are needing a secondary repair
  • Potholes extend down to the foundation levels
  • Areas of the driveway are uneven, signaling a failure of the foundation
  • Improve the looks to market the home

There is a limited lifetime to any driveway. At some point, they will have to be resurfaced or replaced. An experienced driveways Dublin contractor will be able to give you an honest assessment.

Driveways Dublin

Material Durability and Driveway Use | Driveways Dublin

Dublin driveways see a lot of variety in weather conditions. Rainy, cool periods followed by warmth can cause cracks and potholes to get worse. Wash-out rains can damage the foundation, which can lead to catastrophic failure of the entire driveway. Heavy use can contribute to wear and tear if the right materials are not used in the construction. The right driveways contractor in Dublin will be able to recommend the best products for your individual needs.

Is the Driveways Dublin contractor taking aesthetic features into account?

Not every type of driveway material looks attractive in front of every home. Brick, interlocking pavers, and stone tend to look great with older homes, but a tarmac surface can look completely out of place. See if the contractor has pictures of the various materials on completed jobs. It will give you a better way to visualize how the finished project might look. It is these types of details that can help you ensure having one of the nicest looking driveways in Dublin.

Does the contractor understand and agree with the budget?

It is not inexpensive to replace driveways in Dublin. The costs of materials and labor are up all over Ireland. It is essential to make sure you understand what the costs are before the work ever begins. For this, you need a written estimate. You can then make the right financial decisions about whether the project is in the budget. Make sure there are no hidden costs and fees that can come up at the last minute and throw your budget out the window. A firm agreement has to be made at the start.

Check References | Driveways Dublin

Be sure and ask for references, especially if you are looking at spending a lot of money on a complete replacement. Dublin driveways can be done affordably, but it depends on the types of materials you are choosing to use. Call the references to make sure they are recent and there were no outstanding issues before hiring the contractor for the job. This is one area of caution you will not regret taking.

Does the Driveways Dublin contractor have liability insurance?

Installing, repaving and repairing driveways in Dublin require the use of heavy equipment. These machines can cause harm to structures, property, other vehicles, pets and people. Make sure the contractor has adequate amounts of liability insurance to offer repairs to damage of people, pets, and property. The likelihood of an accident is rare, but it can and does happen.

Driveways Dublin

Understand What is Guaranteed | Driveways Dublin

Ask all of the questions you need to fully understand what is guaranteed and what costs you might have to absorb id something goes wrong with the driveway. There are typically limited warranties on materials and the job, depending on the circumstances of the failure. A serious contractor that builds Dublin driveways will be happy to provide you with the information you need to feel confident about their services. Things to have clarified:

  • Cost estimates
  • Projected start date
  • Length of project
  • How the job will be done
  • Specific aftercare instructions for the new driveway

Is any portion of the Driveways Dublin work and materials guaranteed against failure?

Contractors get much of their future work from the recommendations of customers. It is important to most that each job is done correctly and with lasting quality in mind. There are times that things can go wrong. A failure in installation or materials can leave you with problems that require a fix. You need to know of any portion of the installation and materials is backed by a guarantee against failure. No homeowner wants to be stuck with unusable Driveways Dublin, or have to incur the costs of hiring someone else to fix the problem. Find out what the procedures are if you have any problems.

It can take between two and three months from estimate to completed project. Contact an experienced driveways contractor in Dublin today to get started!